Sunday January 19, 2014 – STRESSED!

” From the Great Father comes all power. It is from the Father that the holy man has wisdom and the power to heal and to make holy charms. Man knows that all healing plants are given from the Creator, therefore they are holy. So too is the buffalo holy because it is a gift from the Holy Father.”
“Flat Iron”…Oglala Sioux Chief

Well!…Were back after Another ‘Computy Crash!’..
My ‘Web-Master’ got it up n’ running again, but sadly .the O’l dog was on her last leg and Wednesday morning at 08:35,..She breathed her last ‘Giggy-bite’ and passed over to the “Computer Valhalla!” to be Recycled to a new beginning..

“Nuff” said Go Grab that “Cup O’ Joe”… Hunker down with your Lap Top and mouse and Get Ready for another Great Message as We hit Midway into this New Year month of January!…

Looking back and realizing how Frustrating as it was last week, after finishing the ‘Cup O’ Joe’ Message, The computer freezing up on me, after getting it back online only to find out it Erased the Whole Message AND Most of the E- Mails in the Wounded Warrior’s account putting me in a great deal of Stress!, Alot actually, as it is Important to Always Finish the Mission at hand, which I didn’t or could not due to the situation involved! I figured that The Father was giving me a Message,
“Slow Down!”

I have been doing quite a few Services as Pastor’s do at times, Putting things on “Hold” at time we all forget what is Important to All of Us in Our Daily Walk of Faith, First and foremost…God in Prayer, Family in attendance and Faith by knowing that God will Give Direction in what is Good for You!

What!?, Yes, even a Dedicated Pastor sometimes tries just a wee bit to much to make great accomplishments, or as the saying goes,”Ain’t enough hours in the Day!”

It is not that I put aside Prayer, was maybe I was Praying for the Wrong Things that didn’t Matter to the issues at hand, putting Family time aside to reach or Accomplish a Goal that I had set. You could call it being Selfish, and You would
be Right!

We as people get Busy at being Too Busy at Times, and Forget that the Most Important things become the least important! Especially Prayer

Remembering that in the Bible it said…”On the Seventh day, after God saw that all He did was Good, He Rested!”

Psalm-23:2-3…”He makes me to lie down in green pastures, He leads me beside the still waters.; He restores my soul.”

All Work and No Play makes for a “Sorry Soul!”

Even the Father, God took a ‘Time-Out’ as so should We, Praying and then setting steps up to Accomplish goals set before us.

Be Blessed , Not Stressed !

But sometimes Priorities get mixed in What Has to be or What Should be Done and God in His Wisdom at times puts the “kybosh” on things, knowing what We think is good, and not what God Knows what is good for us, as He will give to Us what He knows
what We Need!

Hey!, were Human, goes with the terriority that We try to Over-achieve at times.

Bottom line is this, This Year, try to take a Step Back, look at Last Years Achievements of Success and Failures, see what “New Years Resolutions” were made and Broken..

Pray to the Father, as He Is God, and Will Give You what You Need, Not Always what you Want!

Well, while your thinking about that, I’ll leave You with a few Parables to have with Your Delicious “Cup O’ Joe!”

“The most treasured gift we can give to God is one that He can never force us to give, “Our Love

” Our limited ability highlights God’s limitless power.”

Sherrie and I Hold All of You in Prayer, knowing that in this New Year,.. Today is the First Day in the Rest of Your Life!

Keeping also Our Nation and her Warrior’s in Prayer as God puts His Hand’s of Comfort over those serving in Harm’s way, and Close to His Heart the Fallen. Why?

Because We are “One Nation under God” and it is “In GOD We Trust” AMEN!

Pastor Frank The “Preacher” and Sherrie

For All those Whom We All Love as a Nation, We Remember Our Fallen in the Day and see them in Our Dreams they Will Never be forgotten!