Sunday April 13, 2014 – POISONED!

” Everything on the earth has a purpose, every disease an herb to cure it,
and every person a mission. This is the Indian theory of existence.”
” Morning Dove” … ‘Salish’

And a very ‘Good-Morning!’
Well, out here on the West Coast were back to
having Summer weather again,..Shorts, tank-tops, ‘Iced Coffee’…

Speaking of which,.. Go Grab that “Cup O’ Joe” and find an ‘Earth-Quake’
proof spot to sit down in as We discuss This Sunday’s ”Poisoned” message!

Recently on the National News’s, there have been Report’s again on Strange Illnesses, Food Contamination, Tainted Products and such!

Well, is All True! Even with the Strict Law’s, Inspection’s and Graded Standard’s set by Local, State and Government, We are being ”POISONED!” That’s Right,

So Many of Our Resource’s are so Depleted and Polluted, We cannot Raise or even Harvest Properly here Stateside Anymore. Farmer’s Paid NOT to Grow Crop’s [Half the Time Water is not Available to them] or the Land is overworked and
filled with pesticides!

Cattle being Fed ”By-Product’s” and Chemical’s to Induce Growth, Chemical Additives added for Flavor and Fullness.

So Much Food Now Farmed,. Raised,.. Grown and Fished in Foreign Country’s where there are NO Safety Measure’s in Place,. Food Sold way Past the Expiration Date’s and Faulty Packaging. We are put at Risk Every time We Shop or Eat!

The Old Saying.. “You are What You Eat!”..

My Goodness, After a ‘Rain-Storm’ Beach’s are ”Closed” for Several days due to Pollution,..and Yet We Fish the Ocean’s where Waste is ‘Dumped’!

What doe’s this have to do with the “BIBLE?”..Everything!

Genesis-2:15… “The Lord God took man and put him in the Garden of Eden to tend and keep it.”

Matthew-9:38… “Pray the Lord of the harvest to send out laborers into His harvest.”

Man has Destroyed this once great ‘Garden of Eden’ here on earth through Overworking the Land,.. Cutting Corner’s by Not Rotating Crop’s and or letting the land ‘Rest’ every seven year’s as was done in the ‘Old Testament’

Using Chemical’s to eradicate insects that once were Beneficial to crops as they Helped pollinate and spread seed.

Organic Food,. Meat,.. Produce,.. Beverage’s, Bread and Staple product’s too are at Risk, Depending Where they are Farmed or Raised!

For Those of Us Raised Fifty plus years ago, Fat was found in Food, Not in People as We were ”Outside” Playing, Eating SUGAR, Drinking Sugary Soda’s, Eating Cake’s, Cookie’s, Candy AND Yes..”Ice Cream!’..the American staple!

Sadly though, CANCER,.. Diabetes’s,… Heart Attacks Now Plague not only Us, But Our Younger Generation!

I Believe Also, that This is a PUNISHMENT set down upon Us as a Nation from God, Not to Hurt Us, but to Correct Us. With All of the New ”Man-Made” Law’s of the Land, We the People as a Whole have Turned Away from His Word and or Law’s and God is getting Our
Attention as a Father would Correct a child who went Astray!

Scripture has it as such…God’s Word in Correcting Us and Getting Our Attention to Turn Away from Sin and or Come Home to God and His Ways..

Deuteronomy-28:58-59… “If you refuse to Obey all the laws written in this book [ Bible ] thus refusing reverence to the glorious and fearful name of Jehovah your God, then Jehovah will send perpetual plagues upon you and your children.”

And Yes, a Government that Turns Away from God, such as Making Law’s that are in Fact Adverse to God’s Law’s will face Destruction AND Bring their Nation to it’s Knees..

Deuteronomy-28:49… “The Lord will bring a distant nation whose language you do not understand against you like an eagle swooping down.”

Naw!..That Can’t be 911 and the Wars that Follow!

I’m done Preaching,..Yes,..I Understand Human Rights and the Freedom’s We Fought and Fight for, NO, I am Not Prejudice against anyone or anybody,..BUT!..As a Pastor,..I See how Men in Power Make and Change Law’s to Fit Their Needs, Going AGAINST The Word’s and Law’s of God..

Again,.We NEVER Heard of Lawsuits going Against ”CHRISTMAS”..EASTER..Saying GOD or JESUS, or from Saying a Prayer in School or in Public!..

God is ”WATCHING”…The ”Tea-Kettle” is a Simmering!

I better ‘Zip” it for now,..There is STILL Hope for Us that are in Fact ”FAITHFUL” in Our Walk of Faith,
If You only knew the Tear’s I have shed thinking about this..Yes it is True, it Really Upsets Me to think that this Once Great Nation is Turning Away from the ”WORD” to listen to Man’s Word as it is Like Sheep being led to Slaughter..Harsh?..Maybe, but think about it…We were Warned!

Let Not let Our Hearts and Minds be Poisoned by Bad Company…Drink the Water that Never lets YouThirst.. as You stay in the Company of Jesus. He will Feed Your Soul and Fill You with the Food of Life..
His ”WORD” from God….

Here’s a few ‘Parable’s to’ think about too…

“God uses humble servants to accomplish His great work.”

“The answer to our craving for the immediate is to focus on the eternal.”

” The participation of the Spirit assures that our prayers line up with God’s purposes.

Sherrie and I Hold All of You, Our Soldier’s and Our Nation in Prayer,..

May We the People Always be able to say..”May God Bless America, for it is in”GOD WE TRUST” AMEN!

It is not the wind that moves the Flag,.. But the LAST Breath of a DYING Soldier”

Pastor Frank the ”Preacher” and Sherrie