Sunday September 25, 2011 – WHO AM I ?



‘I was born upon the prairie, where the wind blew free, and there was nothing to break the light of the sun.
I was born where there were no enclosures, and where everything drew a free breath..I know every stream
and every wood between the Rio Grand and the Arkansas. I have hunted and lived over that country.
I lived like my fathers before me, and like them, I lived happily.”…”Ten Bears”…Commanche Chief…

And ”Top O’ The Morning to You on this ”First Sunday of Autumn!”

No time to ‘ponder’ now,..Go Grab that ”Cup O’ Iced Joe”..or Your Favorite Libation,..pull up a ”Cushion”
and we’ll ”Ponder” a question that was brought up to me!….”Who Am I,..Why Am I here, What is My Purpose!”

”Hmmmmm!”…Well now,..The purpose of Your life is greater than your own personal wishes, as You must
consider Who Made You, and for What Purpose!…And ‘YES’, was GOD who made You,..and in Scripture
it also states…

Job-12:10..”It is GOD who directs the lives of His creatures, everyone’s life is in His power.”

”Who Am I?”…Well,..ask GOD the Creator,.or better yet,..Consider reading the ”Book of Revelation” of the
Works and the Why’s of God’s Creation’s,…It is to Serve and to ”Glorify” Him!…

God is ”Not” the starting point of your life though,..He is the Source of it.,..

You were not an accident,..Your birth was no mistake, fact,.it was God who planned you!…Read Scripture…

Psalm-139:16…”You saw me before I was born,..and scheduled each day of my life before I began to breathe,…
Every day was recorded in Your Book.”

We have ”Question’s”…like ..’illegitimate kid’s”…kid’s from ‘rape’……Some call it ..”God’s mistakes!”…Oh No!
That is man’s conception of that…GOD does Not Make Mistakes!….

Man likes to ”Story Away” things he does not understand,..He makes his own ”excuse” to make it right in
his mind!

God Made YOU for a reason, He also knew your name before you were born,..knew your purpose, how long
you would live,..and How your life would end!…Bible says so too!

Yup,..even in die…God knew,..Suicide,..God knew that too!…

But Pastor Frank!…Suicide?…You don’t go to Heaven though right!….

Not at all,…Each person has a ”Destiny”…a piece of the ”Puzzle” per say… If at the ”Moment” of fate..a person
in their heart asks for ‘Forgiveness”….

Also know this…A”Life Given,..a life taken” affects us all,..A Suicide lets say,..How did it affect us,..In a sense,
it made not only the Family Aware of a Problem,..but that One Persons Life ..Created a ”Ripple Effect” in the
Pond of Life touching the ”Many”…

Sadness yes, Doubt,..But people learn from tragedy,..and ”One Person” can affect so a ”Good Way”..

Remember…There is ”Only One”..Unpardonable Sin! is so written…

God,..He gave us His Son a ”Sacrifice” to Clean and Absolve us fro ALL Sin!…Remember that!..But,
that is ”Your Choice” to Accept Him and His Word,..Like He said,…”No one gets to the Father except through Me!”

How can we NOT Believe!..

There is so much more to be said,..Like the ”Rich can’t take it with them”…or Why do some have more than others,..
It goes on and on,..We,..we are the ones though that can make changes,..Prayer to the Father for Guidance in your
”Walk of Faith”…He’ll tell you what to do….Believe in Him!…

Enough said for now,..I left a little ”Out there” for You to ”Ponder”….

I leave You with these ”Parables”…

”God’s help is only a Prayer away”

”What we do in life ”echoes” in Eternity”

Till next week,..Sherrie an I Pray for All of You and Our Warrior’s in Harm’s Way…

What is Your Purpose and Destiny You Ask?…Ask God….I guess what You are doing Today, sets the pace for Your
Destiny Tomorrow…

God Bless You and God Bless America,..for It is in ”GOD We Trust!”

Pastor Frank..the ”Preacher” and Sherrie…