Sunday May 17, 2009 – The ”Lonely Man”

Corinthian’s 4:1-7… The ”Lonely Man”

GooooooodMorning! Yup!,’s that time again,..another Sunday Sermon from the
”Preacher!”…Go ahead, take your time this mornin’,..I’ll get ”ya bored” soon enough!
Let’s finish makin’ that cup o’ joe,..pull up an ‘easy chair”..kick off them shoe’s and ”sit” a spell…
This mornin’, ima’ kicking it off with a ”different spin”,..I be a callin’ this sermon..
”The Lonely Man!”…Now,..I’m alway’s ”Honoring” the veteran’s oversea’s,and their Families, it should be,…But today,..I’m ‘Honoring’ those ”Warrior’s” here, men and women, who most of them are ”former” soldier’s who once fought for our Country, or did oversea’s, and who now are a ”fighting” a different kind of battle. Our own

”Street Warrior’s”,..our Police Departments!..What?..are you kidding me!,..No i’m not, don’t turn off that computer, that cup o’ joe and hear me out!…These ”Heroe’s” on the homefront,..These I call..”The Lonely Men”..and ‘Women’ too! They are in a different ”Battle”, keeping our street’s safe, our Country secure,..and at what price?…OK..Think about this,..Soldier’s get a handshake, a Big Hoorah,..when they come home..Some go on to job’s, family, friend’s, and are well liked and accepted as a ”Good ol’ Boy” the neighborhood hero per say..Some decide to further their life, they miss the excitement,..the adrenelin rush, still wanting to ”Protect and Serve”,..they decide to go into ‘law enforcement’..It fullfill’s their need’s,..The training is ”rougher” than the ‘Military’,..the rule’s are ”stricter”,..the job”harsher”…Then come’s the ”Big Bomb”..Where did their ”Friend’s” go?..Ol’ Joe next door,..alway’s a drink in his hand,..ol’ Bob, to smoke the ”wacky tobaccy” and Jim,..the Block” Bully who liked to ”drag race” in the neighbor hood!..Oh their still there, but not for you now!..Your now a ”Cop!”,..even your ”own shadow” doesn’t trust you!..You look into the ‘mirror’, look the same, feel the same,..but now you are alone!.. Although you will ”Bond” with other Officer’s and their Families..You have become the ”Army of One” per say…Let’s go and read … 2 Corinthian’s 4:1-7…”That the excellence of the power,..may be of God, not of us”

Bottom line is this,..”With Great Power,..come’s Greater Responsibility” You have a great power in your hand’s,…But that Power can make you feel like a god,..only God Himself can handle that much Power, must Pray, seek guidance,..obey the rule’s on how to assert your authority!..But again, a soldier, face an ”unseen” enemy,..ambush around the corner,..hostile ”friendlie’s ( civilian’s )…Cradling a fallen comrade in the line of duty!…You stand out in a crowd,…”Alone”…

OK Preacher,…what’s the issue with this ol’ ‘lonley man?’..No issue,..just a head’s up,..yea,..I got plenty of ”ticket’s” I didn’t deserve,..ok,.I was doing 60 in a 40 zone,..but I was passing a slow car!..And yea,..I poked myself in the eye as I was trying to touch my nose doing the other test,Just kidding,..I been hearing alot of negative thing’s about our police force,…but you never are shown a picture of an officer holding a dead child close to their heart with ”tear’s” streaming down their cheek,..or hear the ”Bag-Pipe’s” play at a fallen officer’s funeral as the ”Warrior’s Family sit ”quietly” by in tears, small children touching the casket!…We see this for our soldier’s,..but not for our own ”homeland warriors.Next time you see a ”cop”..honk and wave,.yell ”Thankyou!” for your service!..only don’t have an open container in your lap,..just in case they stop you to see why you were so ”happy” to see them!….OK,..Coffee is cold, I bored you enough!

We can make a difference here in America, day at a time, person at a time.. Closing, I leave you with this thought..”Go with God,..go with your Heart!”…also ”Make the right choice,..listen to the Spirit’s voice!”…

Sherrie and I ask God every day to ”Bless you, your Familys and keep you close to His Heart!,..May God Bless our Troop’s in Harm’s way,.and may God Bless America!” Till next week,..hey,.we need more pic’s!..Pastor / Chaplain Frank the ”Preacher” I was told by a ‘Medal of Honor’ receipient..” It wasn’t about winning Medal’s,.. it was about caring for my buddie’s”..Now that’s ‘caring!….