Sunday June 21, 2009 – ”The Mirror”…Reflection’s!

Act’s 1:8…”The Mirror”…Reflection’s!
Goooooood Morning Again!..Well!…Top o’ The Mornin’ to ya!…How’s that?
Got your attention!?..I don’t hear them cup’s a rattling for that mornin’ cup o’ joe!
Let’s ”git a movin” the ”Preacher” is about to start his ”Sunday Ratchet Jawin”
OK,..Pull up a seat, we be a ”fixin” for a fun’ sermon this ”Beautiful” Sunday morning, in the Father’s Name and Blessing!
Wow,..I was looking into the ”mirror” this morning, couldn’t believe me ol’ glim’s at what was a ”lookin” back at me!…Doggone,….what happened to that ”trim” handsome young man with that ‘black hair’, eye’s as ‘bright’ as star’s and all that
You know, the only black I saw was the ”ring” around my tired puffy eye’s, trim I said?..Sure, trim about 30 lb’s and six inche’s off my waist!..Energy? Oh yea!..
Sorry, I used it up trying to roll ”outta” bed and crash around the kitchen looking for my favorite cup!, know,..the one I never wash cause it’s my favorite and has a permanent ring around it!
Is that how I see myself ?…How do people see me? OK,..Now for some ”Scripture”
Act’s 1:8…”Ye shall be witnesse’s unto Me”…
It is more important how God, our Heavenly Father sees us, than what we see in ourself…We see what we want to see, and as far as how other people see us?…
We walk by ”Faith”, and ”Deed’s”, …What did You do today, that will leave a Godlike impression on someone?…
Well, Yelling at your spouse or kid’s, or making someone look bad, so you can look better sure did the trick huh?
Did you tell someone to ”have a nice day” even if you didn’t mean it, or hold the door for anyone?
Reflection’s,…a good word to see what other’s see in you, your ”Christian” walk, you ”Reflect” a ‘Christlike” attitude of love and compassion?..
When we accepted Christ, we took responsibility to not only ”Talk the Talk”,..
But to ”Walk the Walk”…No, no-one is ever going to completely do that,..but how we strive to do it,
now ”Reflect’s” our true innerself and how we are as God’s representitive’s!..
That’s why we were sent ”The Comforter” to guide and direct our walk, our
Back to the ”Mirror”, time you look in the Mirror, look deep, real deep, those eye’s you are looking into are the ”Reflection” of Your Heart, your Soul,…you are looking into God’s Favorite creation,..You!…
Well, spilled the coffee!,..time to go wash up, clean out me ol’ eyeball’s!
Remember,..”For a Christlike walk,keep in step with Jesus, because God’s plan, alway’s lead’s to ”Victory!”…
Reflect on a short Prayer here,..”Father, we ask for Your Blessing’s in our daily
walk, doing what You would have us do, not what we want to do, that other’s might see Your Glory in our action’s and deed’s”..Amen!
Till next week,..Sherrie and I hold all of you up in ‘prayer’, and ask God to see you through your darkest hour’s…Pastor / Chaplain Frank…the ‘Preacher”….