About The Ministry

Frank Orzio

Frank is a Retired Marine Sergeant; a Two Time Purple Heart Recipient, wounded in the Viet-Nam War in 1968.

Sgt. Orzio was with the First Battalion 7th. Marines, First Marine Division, the 106 Recoiless Rifle Platoon, attached to Suicide Charley Company.

He Served with his cousin Corporal George Waigandt, who is now a Professor at the University of Columbia in Missouri.

Dr. Waigandt himself received three Purple Hearts from wounds received in combat and a medal of valor. He saved his cousin, Sgt. Frank Orzio, after a deadly ambush and land mine explosion.

Frank was ordained in 2006. Shortly after that he founded the¬†ministry that was to change many soldier’s lives, The Wounded Warrior Ministry.

When asked if they were heros, both cousins look at each other, eyes glistening with tears and both agree with this statement, “No, we are not heros, but we served with a bunch of them! The real heros did not come home.”

The Warrior’s Ministry is a non-denomination ministry; We do not hold to any religions.
We hold only to the true word of God, as it is written.

We do not push religion on anyone. You bring your faith; I will bring to you God’s word.
The truth that is taught in the book of life: The Bible.

Frank Ministers with Sherrie, his wife and co-founder of the Wounded Warrior’s Ministry,
to families of soldiers whom are serving in harms way. They also visit the wounded
at the military hospitals.

When asked about being a Christian, “I was born, baptized and raised Catholic. Changes in Catholic practice’s forced me to seek a change, becoming a Christian. Being Christian is a way of life, not a religion.” The First time the word Christian was used was at Antioc by the Apostles, followers of Christ.

“Deny Me and I will deny you to The Father.” Words of Christ to non believers.

Everyone and anyone is welcome. We are all children of God, which makes all of
us sisters and brothers in Christ!

May God hold all of you close to His heart and put His hand of comfort over you.

Pastor/Chaplain Frank does Chaplain services for 5 Veterans groups. The Marines call him
the ‘Preacher.’ Semper-Fi!

Sherrie Muro Orzio

Sherrie Orzio was commended by the United States Marines for her services with the families of the wounded and those serving in harms way overseas.

She has letters of appreciation from the Disabled American Veterans Association and is a Commanders Club member, which is a highly regarded position.  She has been working with the disabled veterans for the past 25 years and also is the co-founder and director of the Wounded Warriors Ministry.

Sherrie is a former director of a major hospital in Orange County, CA and has hands-on experience with doctors, nurses and patients. She also has experience with elderly home care and retirement centers.